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Wallix's Technical Support is available either by phone or by e-mail during the days and hours specified in the terms of your 'Technical Support Package'.
The phone number for WAB Technical Support is:

The e-mail address for WAB Technical Support is:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Support is provided in French and in English. The role of Wallix's Technical Support Team is to find solutions to the greater number of incidents related to Wallix AdminBastion during the initial call. It is however possible that a particular problem might need to be escalated to the level 2 support team. In that case and after having investigated the problem, the level 2 support team wil call back the client.

Depending on the nature of the incident, the technical support engineer might be led to perform the following actions:

• Give instructions to the client
• Reference sections of the Wallix technical documentation provided with the WAB
• Search information on identical incidents in the Technical Support's knowledge base
• Collect information, error messages or error logs on the client's system or in his IT environment to isolate the cause of the incident and reproduce it
• Ask the client for a remote connection to establish a diagnosis

• Escalate the problem to the level 3 support team and the development team
Every incident submitted to the technical support service is managed by Wallix tracking tool, every issue is identified by a unique number that will remain valid until it is resolved by our team and closed by the client.

Wallix AdminBastion's technical support offer comes in 3 packages:


* All our appliance benefit from a hardware warranty including an on-site service. The demand to dispatch a technician on site is done by Wallix's Technical Support Team after the incident has been fully qualified on our end.

Download the WAB Technical Support brochure.

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