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        The regulatory standards of Basel, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI DSS, etc. are now integral to the governance of banks and financial institutions. The aim of these standards is to ensure more robust security for financial transactions and to form the regulatory compliance framework for the financial sector, made all the more pressing in the wake of a number of events and financial scandals in Europe and the United States..

        In France, the Loi de Sécurité Financière (Financial Security Act) of 1 August 2003, supplemented by the AMF Frame of Reference  published in 2006, applies to companies making public offerings for financial years commencing on or after 1 January 2003.

        It requires the Chairman of the Board of Directors to prepare a report attached to the Annual Report on the conditions for the preparation and organisation of consulting work, as well as the internal control procedures in place in the company.

        This law transformed the corporate governance landscape in France. In addition to increasing the responsibilities of directors and senior management with respect to the consequences of risk and the quality of financial information, the greatest impact of the legislation is the requirement for effective internal control mechanisms.

        All of these regulations to strengthen corporate governance in banking and financial institutions generally provide for the creation and management of a secure IT infrastructure, data protection, the implementation of a program to manage system vulnerabilities and strict access control measures.

        Wallix AdminBastion is the ideal solution to ensure compliance with banking sector regulations.



      • Local authorities ( 4 )


        Local authorities increasingly outsource management of their IT services. An average size city hall delegates part of its administration rights to 20 or so external service providers on average.

        Moreover, they are often required to comply with a number of regulatory standards, such as data protection regulations, and requirements to track Web browsing history in public institutions, etc.

        Wallix AdminBastion is the ideal solution for this sector, providing supervision and control of external service providers while also guaranteeing compliance with regulatory requirements. Wallix AdminBastion is simple and easy to deploy.

        WAB delivers enhanced visibility of all actions performed on the information system and generates simple, clear and detailed reports. In the event of an incident, the failure is quickly located and remedied.






      • Health ( 2 )


        The health sector is covered by specific regulatory standards. In France, the Kouchner Law of 4 March 2002 lays down the requirements for the security and safeguarding of healthcare records.

        Article L. 1111-8 of the French Public Health Code (Law no. 2002-303 of 4 March 2002 on patients' rights) sets out the legislative framework for the hosting of personal healthcare records.

        These laws were enacted to organise and supervise the archiving, preservation and retrieval of personal healthcare data under conditions guaranteeing both confidentiality and security.

        French Decree no. 2006-6 of 4 January 2006 defines the conditions for accreditation for personal healthcare data hosting services.

        Accreditation is based on an evaluation of the applicant's capabilities, focusing on the financial, ethical and security aspects of their services.

        Wallix AdminBastion is a tool designed to enhance access security and control who accesses what, where, when and how. WAB is the ideal solution for obtaining accreditation for personal healthcare data hosting services.

        Wallix LogBox delivers continuous and total visibility of activities in the information system.



      • Managing Services Providers ( 1 )


        At least two different groups of privileged users are involved in the day-to-day operations of hosted IT servers: the hosting provider's and end-user’s administration teams. Generally speaking, there is no distinction between the generic accounts for these two user groups (e.g. root, admin, administrator, etc.), which means that it is absolutely impossible to quickly and easily establish who is connected to what and the actions they are performing.

        It is very difficult to find the source and cause of an incident occurring on a machine. The hosting provider is often obliged to pay penalties to customers, without the option of engaging the liability of a third party.

        By showing you who did what, when and how, Wallix  AdminBastion allows you to assign specific responsibility in the event of an incident.



        For Cloud Providers

        As a service provider, WAB-On Demand is the ideal tool for the growth of your business and the quality of your customer relationships. It allows you to:

        - offer your clients continuity of business requirements
        - frame your clients’ SLAs with irrefutable logs
        - secure access to hosted and/or shared resources








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      • Retail ( 2 )


        There is a key component in the retail sector: the customer database. It is the sector's nerve centre, concentrating all information on customers and used to maintain and consolidate relations over time to ensure that the company's sales graph is constantly developing in the right direction.

        The data are not only sensitive, but also extremely strategic:  they must be protected against any and all misuse (if a former employee decides to join a competing retailer, for example), incorrect data operations (which could crash the database rendering it unusable for days or even weeks), or any other accidental or intentional leaks.

        The danger is all the greater when retailers use external service providers. The core of the retailer's business is then open to these external service providers and it becomes more difficult to control what others are doing on the system.

        Being unable to use a database, delivering the information to the competition or the risk of publicly losing customer data would have an irreversible impact on a company's sales and/or reputation in the eyes of the public and affect its long-term survival.

        Wallix AdminBastion is a tool designed to enhance access security and control who accesses what, where, when and how. WAB is the ideal solution for safeguarding strategic retail data and preventing a privileged user with malicious intent from misusing essential data.



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